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What is Climate / Eco – Anxiety?

the impacts of climate anxiety

The news is full of stories about global warming, and there is currently a lot of coverage highlighting the extreme temperatures people face in many parts of Europe and the USA. Global warming has and is causing a lot of anxiety ( climate anxiety) for people who wonder what the future will be like for them and their children. Climate change is a huge and complicated issue that impacts many areas of our lives. It’s natural and reasonable to feel worried, sad, angry, guilty, or hopeless about the state of our planet and our futures. These emotions show that we care about the world and what’s going on with it.

But sometimes, these feelings can be too much to handle. They can make us feel overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, or stressed. They can affect our mood, sleep, relationships, or work. They can make us feel alone or powerless.

If you are feeling this way, you are not alone. Many people, especially young people, share your feelings and concerns. There is help and support available for you. You don’t have to suffer in silence or give up hope.

As a counsellor, I want to help you cope with your feelings about climate change in a healthy and positive way. I want to help you find ways to express, understand, and manage your emotions. I want to help you find ways to take action and make a difference. I want to help you find ways to feel more hopeful and empowered.

In an upcoming article, I will delve deeper into climate anxiety, exploring its causes and impact on individuals. I will also discuss the growing awareness of the dire consequences of climate change and how it leads to feelings of fear, helplessness, and distress among people.

I will also provide ways that individuals can better manage their climate anxiety. These coping strategies will encompass positive action and build resilience, and hope to help mitigate climate anxiety.

Thank you for reading.


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